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      Environmental Friendly Manufacturing


      Polypropylene polymer chips are infused with elemental pigments and Scotchgard PMA then extruded, extended, and texturized to be our uniqueOlefin yarns.This process iseven more friendly to the environment because no dye bath processes are used and waste effluents are eliminated. The spinning temperature of Olefin yarn is low thus consumes the least fuel and save energy. This clean manufacturing process can not only hold the colors longer but the release of CO2 and COD is greatly reduced. Consumption of water and chemicals are also conserved.


      Built-in Scotchgard Shield for Longevity & Easy maintenance


      The revolutionary built-in technology is applied to infuse Scotchgard PMA into the polymer solution so the repellence is molecularly inherent the fibers, providing long-lasting shield that repel liquids, soil, and staineven after repeated washing. Water or substances such wine, coffee or common dirt simply run off the surface or can be easily rinsed off with plain water. Scotchgard PMA is PFOA & PFOS free and such infusion process reduces nearly 50% of water and 70% of fuel compared to traditional post finishing way.



      Fade & Weather Resistant


      The solution-dyed process ensures that colors completely permeate the fibers and enable the solution-dyed fabricsto stand up to the high expectation of colorfastness better than yarn-dyed or piece-dyed fabrics. The color recipe is formulated with ultraviolet blocking agents to protect fabrics from fast aging caused by the impact of UV radiation. Olefin can be recycled for industrial usage and doesn’t generate any toxic gas and harmful substance because it is biodegradable after eventual disposal.

      采用不易退色原抽著色工藝, 日曬表現均可達到歐標ISO-105 8級的測試指標,布料抗紫外線UPF值達到50+,超越行業要求。


      Colors & Designs


      In this fast moving & fashion-driven world, we are striving to introduce exciting new colors and new effects of yarns for our open line collection as well as private label creation. New colors are certified by technical data proving and yarn effects are diversified by specially plied and textured techniques. It provides vast creativity by patterning between Plain, Dobby & Jacquard and allows the designers to create enchanting, comfortable outdoor & indoor space.



      Soft Hand &More


      The combination of advanced yarn extrusion and attentive finishing makes the hand of our Olefin fabrics especially nicer and softer than commodity goods in the market. The hand gives great comfort while you enjoy the leisure time.

      Axroma team is strongly missioned to make superior products by being passionate and meticulous. We have firm faith in solution-dyed products and shall make continuous efforts to produce fabrics of enduring performances andrefreshing styles.





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